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ROUND 2: Round-robin.

by MilaMcFly on 10/26/18 0 comments

Ten ladies have managed to pass to the second round of this contest!

Suggested by a reader of this blog, this second round will be a Round-robin round which basically means: all against all!

Round 2 will be fought in my room through popular vote. Each person will be able to vote once for free by typing the number of their favorite model in my chatroom. At the end of my stream, the top 4 models will win and will pass to the next round of the contest: the semi-finals.

Round 2 will be on October 28th during my regular shift.

Good luck and have fun!

Catalina vs Fre. Round 1 Battle 9

by MilaMcFly on 10/24/18 1 comment

Another battle that cut it really really close… I have to say they both worked hard and had a lot of support from their viewers, however, a winner has to be called… and so, with a tiny difference, the winner of this battle is… CATALINA! Congratulations, Cata


Nina vs Jolie. Round 1. Battle 8

by MilaMcFly on 10/22/18 7 comments

This battle was SO CLOSE, they both fought with all they had. So it is very hard for me to call a winner. The difference is 20 votes out of 1400 for each of them, so less than 1%. Ladies, you both rocked my socks off last night and you both deserve to win. But… only 1 winner must be chosen and so the winner of this battle is Jo!

On the red corner… She has great legs and a huge personality… Jolie! The South African Firecracker!

On the blue corner… the psychologist of seduction.. the poetess of love… Nina!

Who will win this round? It is up to you!

CNTM Schedule

by MilaMcFly on 10/16/18 6 comments

Here I present you the new schedule of the CNTM battles after the rule adjustment. Cata and Fre are featured last. Second round’s structure and voting still a mystery.

CNTM cheating and drama.

by MilaMcFly on 10/16/18 2 comments

I never thought doing a model contest would be this complicated. But alas, I find myself in a position where I have to apologize to models for the bad judgement of randos


My first apology goes to Gizzy. Your votes were 100% legit. I am sorry that I doubted the legitimacy of your votes and switched the voting system at the last minute without notice. Normally I am able to keep a cold head even in times of stress, but I woke up to 15 emails from viewers and models: you had gained 400 votes in 10 minutes and passed Monica who had been camming for 14 hours straight, they were freaking out and claimed that someone had cheated on the poll on your behalf because it was an impossible outcome.

I didn’t have time to check as thoroughly as I would like or to wait for a response because I had to get on cam and I couldn’t get a hold of you, I think you are on a trip. So I made the decision I thought was fair quickly. Hours later it hit me: I could have checked the stats for the CNTM link. I did it and turns out you sent 15,000 people to visit the CNTM page from Twitter.. and each person clicked 3 times on average, meaning that these visitors checked out the other contestants, visited their rooms, and maybe even followed them too! It isn’t too crazy to think that 600 out of those 15k people… voted for you. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.


To the couple of models who disrespected my personal space by bombarding my email, Twitter DMs and even Telegram at 3:00 am with paranoia about cheating in the contest:

(1) The reason she got all the votes at once is because she did this on Twatter. On this platform people see twats instantly and old twats fade away buried under all the new twats people post, so it is an immediate reaction unlike live streaming where viewers trickle through your stream slowly. So Monica was on cam for 14 hours to get 500 votes, and Gizzy got 600 with a few twats and retwats. It might feel like it is unfair, but that’s life, if the winner was always the person who put in the most hours, we would already have a winner for this contest. Don’t get me wrong, 13 hours on cam is a good marathon, not many models have the stamina to pull this off, and I want to congratulate Monica on her great feat (500 votes with a small room is no joke) but Gizzy’s votes were no less legitimate because of it.

(2) It is NOT okay to get involved in other people’s battles and interfere with the outcomes. It is NOT okay to abuse the contact information I gave you to write frantically at 3 in the morning through every channel available while I am sleeping. I am a human being. I am not a robot. I cam 5-7 hours every single day. I also go to school, have a personal life, and a dog to tend to. Waking up to 15 panicky messages from models accusing others of cheating who ARE NOT EVEN FEATURED IN THE CURRENT BATTLE and have no way to know whether someone has or has not cheated gives me a headache and ruins my mood. Some models have great bodies, other models have great faces, there are models who have great sexual energy and spend 7 hours a day doing back to back cum shows. I don’t. All I have is my positive energy and my happy mood. People who do not respect this are cut out of my life.

I want to make a little parenthesis here to say that the models creating this drama were NOT Monica or Gizzy, in fact, Monica sent me a thoughtful email telling me she was okay with whatever outcome, that if she lost she was still happy. Gizzy said the same to me on DM. It was third parties muddling the waters.

(3) It is also NOT okay to write DMs to other models in the contest with cruel messages and/or misinformation about the contest’s rules. Nowhere on this contest’s rules does it say that “it is about CB regulars and friends” or about showing up on cam. There are no requirements to be on cam (x) amount of hours during a battle or during the contest as a whole. It is about who brings in the most votes PERIOD. I don’t care how you get your votes. I don’t care if you haven’t cammed in a century but have a massive Reddit following and you send them to vote. I don’t care if you go crazy on Periscope. I dont care if you stand in a corner in your city and give out sandwiches in exchange for votes. I.DON’T.CARE. It is up to the model how she wants to promote herself and the contest.

It helps a great deal to your own personal success to be consistent so my advice to other models always is “cam as much as you can”, but it is not a requirement of the contest, just friendly advice. When you have a small room with tiny exposure on the site and you cam like crazy but you do nothing to promote this contest outside of Chaturbate you are using the traffic we already have circling around our rooms but you aren’t doing much to bring fresh eyes to the table. If all models do this the contest becomes stale, the tokens spread too thin to make any goals, and we all lose in the end. I want to encourage models to use promotion outside the site like Gizzy has done to bring fresh eyes, new blood to the contest. This contest is NOT about who spends the most hours on cam. This contest IS about exposure and cross promotion which is why I made it so the model with the MOST TOTAL VOTES wins. Period.

Now I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. Gizzy‘s votes were legit so declaring Monica the winner of the battle was unfair towards Gizzy. On the other hand, now that I have named Monica the winner, I cannot take it back, it would be unfair to her. What can I do to solve this problem? I do not know. If I let both Gizzy and Monica pass to Round 2 and we count Kate’s Wild Card there will now be 11 models in Round 2. Eleven is a prime number so there is no way to make pairs out of it, or trios, or anything else. I feel like letting both Monica and Gizzy to pass to Round 2 so if you have any ideas on how to proceed in a fair way, please use the comments below.


The rules need some tweaking. The contest was supposed to be Room Raids 2.0: an interesting second plate for my show, something that is performed at the end for a few minutes, and not the main dish. But in practice CNTM is taking over my entire show. People will go on and on about the contest during my stream, while I am doing games, while I am trying to be sexy, while I am trying to put on a show. Contest models come and go from the room freely and many ask about the battle and the contest when they come in regardless of what is going in the room, even interrupting yellow walls with CNTM talk, which means my viewers are constantly being distracted from the show I am putting on to go check on the other models. This is hurting me and it is not okay, it is an abuse of my generosity. I am not making my goals, my friends spend all their tokens elsewhere and when I get online they have nothing left for my show. I feel like I have become the afterparty: a place where they come to just plop in a couch and chat after partying hard all night in the other rooms. It makes me feel disrespected and taken advantage of. I do not like being so generous towards others and having this situation as a result so I need to correct this or this contest will end with a very sad and angry Mila.

These are the new rules of the contest:

1) All talk about CNTM will be done on this blog from now on. This is where I will announce the winners of each round, where I will post the new battles, and where all talk will happen.
2) There will be NO TALKING about CNTM in my room during my stream until the very end of the show and if I bring the subject up. If anybody mentions CNTM during my stream they will be silenced for 6 hours.
3) When I feel like talking about CNTM and I want others to participate in the conversation I will put up the CNTM banner on the bottom right corner. You are welcome to join the conversation then. There might be streams where I don’t talk about the contest. I am on cam every single day I can’t always devote my on time to this.
4) Models from CNTM entering my room will fit in with my show and not interrupt it with talk about the contest or random chat about themselves. Break this rule once for a 6 hour silence, break it twice for a permaban.
5) Models are NOT allowed to interfere with another model’s battle. Interfering means: fapwad behavior of any kind in her room or in PMs or DMs to the models, writing to me on behalf of another model, making up conspiracy theories about another model’s promotion methods or talmudic interpretations of the rules I wrote. No creating drama or casting shade on anybody else. This contest was about having fun and it is turning into a stressful situation for me. From now on this is a zero tolerance policy. If any model is found to be engaging in these behaviors she will be kicked from both the contest and my room forever.
6) Abusing my contact information is strictly forbidden. Do not write to me with drama of ANY kind. I don’t care for it. I will also cut back from 1 on 1 contact with contestants. From now on this blog is the only place I will be talking to models. Unless I talk to you first please do not write me privately anywhere.
6) Not a rule but a petition… if you are a member and you normally tip in my room, it is a nice gesture to save a few tokens for my show. It feels terrible to come to my room to a bunch of chatty members who tipped everything in the contestants rooms and left nothing for my show, makes me feel stupid for doing this contest.


My initial thought was: if free polls can all be tempered with I guess my only real option is to do it with tokens. Bots cannot buy tokens. The problem is I never intended for the first part of the competition to be about who has the deepest pockets. My idea was, like I said above, to bring exposure to all of us, and so the way I planned on doing it was through free polls. This way, I figured, all models would work hard on promotion and bring new members to the contest who would then visit everyone on the list. If I made this with tokens we would have a cheatproof way to count votes, but the viewers we will get will be the same regulars we have had since forever. That was not the idea.

I spent all day researching and I think I have come to a simple solution. Voting will now be done in this blog through a WordPress plugin. It will still be free, but people will have to register with their email address in order to vote. This means we will get a tiny fraction of the votes a free poll normally gets, but that’s okay because there will be no shred of a doubt that the votes are legitimate. Maybe we get a crazy guy creating free email accounts and switching IPs to vote, but it will take him a lot of work and dedication. No script or bot can do this process.

Will you respect the new rules of this contest?

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Both Gizzy and Monica will go to Round 2. Catalina Vs Fre will now be the last battle on the schedule. We will proceed tomorrow with our scheduled battle: Kate vs Steffany. It will begin and end on this very blog tomorrow. The link they will have to share with their users is

Round 2 will be structured differently than what I had planned originally. Kate’s Wild Card will still work for her to save herself or someone else. I will let you know what I decide to do for Round 2 soon on (you guessed it!) this very blogful blog.

Meanwhile check out all the girls: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

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